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London School of Modelling tricking applicants into paying £2,000 for worthless portfolios!

Nothing is what it appears to be...


There are over 62 million people in this country and all these 'model advice' tricksters tell you - that almost every one of them - can be models - providing they pay up-front?

All you have to do is - stick a bit of makeup on - this is what LSM tell you...

"*WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO KICK START YOUR CAREER*- We are inundated every week with requests from casting directors looking for models for fashion editorials, catwalk shows, magazine shoots, print campaigns, commercials, music videos and many other modeling opportunities. If we think you have what it takes to model you will be put up for these jobs."


BBC 'Rip Off Britain'
Modelling scams - again 18Sep12

BBC Rip Off Britain expose 'Form Models' one of many - promising to kick-start your modelling and acting career... Of course no one gets any work. All these tricksters want - is your money - for worthless portfolios...

Crooks too clever - putting nothing in writing!

The law protecting the guilty
instead of the innocent...?

The government promised to "stamp it out" in 2006, but 6 years later there are - even more crooks out there!


Wire Model Management
Exposed by ITV Wales S4/C

1st May 2012


Wire Model Management – ASA Adjudication 25Jul12

Wire Model Management - ITV Wales S4/C 1May12


Government (BIS) announce consultation (5Nov12)

Regards Mis-Selling & Automatic Refunds
Affecting those being charged for - worthless portfolios...

 are asked to take part/respond to this consultation, before 31Dec12

Model jobs that don’t exist! BBC Radio 4 - 15Nov12

5 Years ago no different! BBC Radio 4 - 22Jan07

Bogus agents forced to pay back performers! – The Stage 15Nov12

New Powers to improve justice for wronged consumers!


Consultation - How to take part

"When consumers have been wronged they should be able to have free access to justice quickly and simply. With these proposals, when a business has infringed your rights as a consumer the court will make sure they reverse the damage and give consumers their money back. This will put the balance back in the system, and give consumers more power to exercise their choices confidently."


Government - BIS EAS Announce (15Oct12) agreement to new consultation (4th) regarding up-front fees and the conduct of employment agencies in the entertainments industry!


New Agency Safeguards - For Performers & Models!

 Government finally agree to new 'up-front' consultation!

If you have been scammed by a bogus 'agency', write to your MP, contact the newspapers, radio and TV. Ask them why the government are protecting these crooks - from prosecution. Don't feel foolish and do nothing... The more you put on 'Facebook', 'Tweet' & 'Blogs' - the more likely journalists will have to question government. You owe to yourself and future victims!

Help me... To help you...

Head of BIS Employment Agency Standards claimed on 15Oct12:

"There is no harm in employment agencies or employment businesses offering work-seekers a range of services [photographic services] which are not directly for finding or seeking to find that work-seeker work, and which the worker might have to pay a fee.  This provided the work-seeker is free to determine whether or not to use these services and that the provision of the work finding services provided by the employment agency is not conditional upon the the work-seeker paying for "other" (i.e. non work finding services)."


BBC - You do not need a portfolio to get an agent!


What planet are the government on!



 After 15 years!

Government still will not prosecute even a single crooked acting or modelling agency - Claiming that they still just want to seek compliance?

 The scams continue! 

Do I blame 'La Mode' agency charging up to £2,950.00 for worthless pictures/web page - Or do I blame the BIS EAS government department, that still allows the crooks to continue to rip off the young and old, vulnerable, would be actor or model?


Exposing 'La Mode' Court Case - 19Jul12

La Mode Scam Rumbled – Daily Mirror 19Jul12

La Mode Dior Fragrance Claim Stinks – Daily Mirror 26Jul12

La Mode Very Unhappy (12 year old) Hopefuls - Daily Mirror 25Oct12


MP Henry Bellingham's Courage!

deception by Minister Gerry Sutcliffe


Gerry Sutcliffe apology to Parliament - 6May06

Minister Gerry Sutcliffe tried to deceive Parliment by giving the impression that 18-20 prosecutions had been made "in this way"...

Guess who made him apologise...

how many successful prosecutions there has been since 1995
to 2012 for taking up-front fees under false pretences...


Such was the impact of the ‘PQ’ on 4 May 2006 by Gerry Sutcliffe, that four days later, he had been moved from the DTI
his replacement was Jim Fitzpatrick.


No up-front fees prosecutionsThe Stage 23Jun11


Is the BBC now telling the public the true extent of clever deception - by crooked acting & modelling agencies.

The public are NOT stupid but clever deception has previously been deliberately hidden - by the BBC. I want the true story to be told...

The government is to blame, for turning a blind eye to every crooked operator, but the BBC needs to expose the government inaction - for 15 years?


Talent Management = Models Direct

This 'agency' has worked with crooks - I have exposed, but nothing is ever done - to stop them....


Talent Management = Models Direct

Talent Search = Runway Models = 1st Class = West 1

Models Direct Reveals the Truth About the Modelling Industry???

They still charge up-front fees to models for casting directories

So how do they (still) get away with it?

Well they simply ask you to tick a box offering other types of work...

Models Direct claim:

"Europes number one modelling Employment Agency"


BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat 'Models Direct' 12Nov09

They will even take your dog on - for a fee!


Model Advice Ltd + Photographers = £1,500

of claims to give free independent Model Advice

They cannot give you independent model advice about your chances for modelling. Their incentive is selling you a portfolio shoot etc - Not impartial advice!

They advertise for staff that can demonstrate the ability to close a sale where their role is 80% selling - Not impartial advice!

Nothing is what it appears to be...

Beware of BBC giving wrong Advice!

 'Model Advice' and BBC are misleading the public by claiming -

"Since October 2010 it is actually illegal for an agency to charge any up-front fee".

It is not illegal!

Elisabeth Smith Webpage - Frequently Asked Questions

'Association of Model Agents'

The Elisabeth Smith model agency who is a member of the AMA, claim that 'models' still have to pay an up-front fee of £185 per year for their 'Casting Directory'. They also make claims reference adults and none adults. There is no difference!

So when the BBC production company 'Flame TV' were told they [BBC] had made bogus claims, they stated:

"The aim of our series was to raise awareness of a wide range of scams and in each case offer as much basic advice as possible on how to recognise scams and avoid them. The nature of television means it's not always possible to provide full, detailed advice and in the case of our 5 minute piece on modelling scams we were really only able to look at them in quite a general way. However, as modelling scams are clearly a serious problem, we did feel it was important to include them in the series.  "Given the time constraints of the piece, our priority was to look at some typical features of a modelling scam and to make the point that whilst there are regulations in relation to upfront fees, it is still an unregulated industry. I appreciate you have some concerns over exact wording but we feel we did get these key messages across and I would hope that it has made many more people aware that modelling scams are out there."

This was my reply:

“Even with your poor excuse, constraints of time…? What was stated on your programme, “key message”, was completely and utterly bogus. There is no other word to use. The ‘key message’ is - that up-front fees have NOT been banned. I expect the ‘BBC’ to tell the truth, don’t you? I will now print your lamentable excuse on my website. You are turning this important issue into farce!”

Guess who made a complaint to the BBC and is still awaiting a response!

It would appear that the nature of 'BBC' television - is that they can make it up as they go along...

The public don't appear to deserve the (basic) truth?

BBC also mislead the public by claiming that they have "spoken to some of the UK's leading authorities (Model Advice) on fraud".
Yes 'Model Advice' charge up to £1,500 - They should know...


BBC1 'You've Been Scammed' 18Nov11

'Model Advice' - As Seen On BBC1 24Nov11

Model Advice Ltd state on their website:

"These scam agencies will accept the model immediately and promote a promise of paid work. They generally ask for an upfront fee to join the agency and give you the promise of paid work under the condition that you purchase an expensive, and often useless, modelling portfolio. So be wary and always check out the agency before you sign with them."

If there were indeed "scam agencies" - Who exactly are they? Surely they would face prosecution?

'Model Advice' gives the impression that portfolios (makeovers) are expensive and often useless?


Those who have contacted me, have claimed that Model Advice Ltd charged them £1,500 for photography/pictures/portfolios.

But, according to world famous modelling agency 'Storm'...

Lots of girls and boys want to get into modelling. Many are being exploited by unscrupulous people posing as bogus model agents. On the false promise of a successful modelling career, girls as young as 15 are spending up to £500 on portfolios of pictures that are useless.


"Do not pay for any pictures"


"Do not believe anyone who tells you that you need a professional portfolio to be considered by an agency. Natural shots without make-up are the best guides for us to decide as to your potential. Many people have thrown away hundreds of pounds having useless pictures taken on false promises."

So who do you believe?


Storm Models - Become a Model

ModelAdvice - What they do

Everyone is getting in on the 'Act'...


I mean everyone!

Model Advice Ltd are at 63 Clerkenwell Rd EC1M 5NP

UK Model Advice Ltd are at 67 Clerkenwell Rd EC1R 5BL

Who claim "launched in 2001" but only registered on 23Aug11

UK Model Advice Ltd, when asked to substantiate such a claim, told me that I had to prove - they had not been in business for 10 years - Watch this space...

On the 20 February 2012 UK Model Advice Ltd changed their name to UK Media Models Agency Ltd - I wonder why...?


You could not make it up if you tried!

If you are looking for good government 'model advice' - you should contact "
The Vulnerable Workers Team" in BIS - Or should you?

Well, the government will "work with"
almost anybody, it does not matter who they are - they simply don't care!


ASA Adjudication Model Advice Ltd 12Oct11



Replay = Guava = Zebra Collection + Light Rooms + Vanity Management + Fusion£740 Tricksters in Oxford St W1!


 Replay = Guava = Zebra Collection = Scam!

BBC Warnings for London's would-be models 11Jan10

Whistle blown on 65 talent agencies – The Stage 12Jan10

(Zebra Collection is not connected in any way to Zebra Models Ltd)


'Zebra' changed their name!
to 'Guava Talent Management'

After I got the BBC to expose Chris Garner's scam!

Then they changed their name again... to Replay Models!

Over 180 complaints so far, a record number against an agency, in 12 years. But not one direct, to BIS Employment Agency Standards'. All were through my website.

Why did the BBC hide this evidence showing that 'Zebra Collection' had fictitious invoices, for £255 - given to every victim claiming - they had paid it to 'The Light Rooms'

Why did the BBC hide the fact that Zebra Collection had set up six bogus forums, saying how wonderful they were...

According to the Police, Trading Standards, Employment Agency Standards and the Office of Fair Trading - It is not illegal to issue fictitious invoices - claiming they had paid them???



Shadow BIS Minister Mark Prisk told the truth to ITV News 31 May 2007...

"Problem was they allowed the agencies to still charge money for photographic sessions. In other words - same problem, just a different label."


Parliament Debate 7 Day Cooling Off - 10Dec07

Mark Prisk is now the Housing Minister and refuses - to speak out!

So why did he tell me in 2007 that he was behind my campaign?

What went wrong...?

31 May 2007

Mark Prisk interviews victims of up-front photographic fee agency scams...


Yet another crooked agency exposed by the Advertising Standards Authority!


Morgan Model Management – ASA Adjudication 26Sep12

When you see things such as this, it is - Too good to be true!

“FAQ for Extra Factory: Will I get my £30.00 back if I do not get no work? Yes, if after 6 months of signing up we Extra Factory you have not had one single job offer then we will refund your £30.00. We know that this is impossible to happen as we have never had a client of ours never be offered at least one job while being on our books. NOTE – If you can not take the job we offer working as a TV extra in the first 6 months then that rules out the chance of you getting the refund.”

Of course the agent has now 'disappeared', but I still retain a pdf copy on file.


That item was just the tip of the Iceberg, however...


Applicants were told, regardless of how good their pictures/portfolios were - that they would have to pay out for ones that met the agencies criteria. Of course they knew just the photographers!


‘Extra Factory’ – ASA Adjudication 27Jun12

Personal Model Management - ASA Adjudication 28Mar12



 Yet another damning (published) report from the Advertising Standards Authority

Click: - ASA Adjudication 4Jan12

Today (4 January 2012) the ASA highlighted an advert published in 'The Stage', as being completely bogus. The advertiser 'Castingallstars', were exposed - for never finding anyone a job, despite being in business since December 2008, three years ago.


Castingallstars for non-existent musical? – Daily Mirror 4Jan12

ASA censures – The Stage 4Jan12

The 'agency' were also found to be operating from a rented 'desk' and did not even rent an office. The agency claimed to audition "extras, walk-ons, actors, singers and dancers". But no one was. The only thing on offer to performers, was the chance (hard sell) to pay 'up-front' fees, for photography. Even if you brought your own portfolio, the agency claimed they were not to their standards, but of course the agency had their own photographers...

It will come as no surprise to 'The Stage' readership, that the agency website has now disappeared. Who was running the agency? Well without agency licensing, we will never know. No doubt they will set up another agency and place further advertisements. A complaint was made to BIS EAS in July, but of course the EAS never replied.

Strangely, the ASA would not uphold my complaint regarding the charging of up-front fees. They did initially...

As far as I am aware there is no legal distinction (limit) of what constitutes as an “upfront fee”. I have asked for the EAS to define such a legal term, but so far it has refused to do so.

My opinion, is that any fee an agency charges applicants, prior to getting paid work, constitutes - as an up-front fee, if it is through the agency or recommended through a third party, connected to that agency – in some form. Quite often I find that those running the agency, also run the firm of photographers. Therefore they are connected.

Performers, as I have clearly shown, are just as likely to be scammed now, as they were before - the three sets of EAS legislation purportedly banning up-front fees.

'Performers' deserve better...



Low Pay Commission 2012 Annual Report – 19Mar12

Government to consider closing some prisons? – Stage Talk 16Feb12

BIS Employment Agency Standards Annual Report 2010/11 - 1Feb12

BIS EAS Bogus Annual Report out now! – Stage Talk 4Feb12

BIS Employment Agency Standards Annual Report 2009/10

The Stage Newspaper Ltd - ASA Adjudication 12May10

Press Complaints Commission v 'The Stage’ 24Nov08

"We do not publish the detail of our investigations, or reveal information captured during an inspection, unless it leads to a public prosecution or prohibition."

No up-front fee prosecutions means no revealing of any wrongdoing!

A lone voice in the wilderness?


 Let’s stop bogus fees – The Stage 26Jan12

So be it...


Only 1% of 'models' do make it. 99% never do, but get tricked into paying £k++ on worthless portfolios/pictures...


British model of the moment – Telegraph 23Feb12


House of Commons rubber stamp useless watered down ban - 6 July 2010...

Like the House of Lords did -
23 June 2010


House of Commons Committee debate 6July10

House of Commons debate 6 July 2010 - The Stage 2Jul10

Watered down ban approved by House of Lords – The Stage 24Jun10

Draft BIS EAS Statutory Instrument 1 October 2010

I took the time to go and watch the proceedings at this delegated legislation committee, in room 9 at the Palace of Westminster. I believe I was the only person from the entertainments industry, who attended. What took place at this government debate, shocked me. Exactly 19 minutes, most of which was taken up by speeches which had no relevance to the issues under discussion. This time round it was just a rubber stamp job, where no real debate took place. A far cry from the previous statutory instrument debated in 2007, which MP Mark Prisk attended. Shame!  

Only one MP at this committee acknowledged my existence...


Observations on a statutory instrument committee - Steve Baker MP

I refer you to this statement by: Ian Lucas (Wrexham) (Lab): 

“I have a particular concern. The Minister referred to the distinction in respect of acting and the fact that the outright ban will not apply to that area. Clearly, there are hazy areas between acting and modelling that might cause some difficulty in definition. Could the Minister say a little more about the definitions? How can we be sure clear distinctions will be drawn between acting and modelling, in order to avoid future problems?

And the reply: Mr Davey: (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills)   

“-our concern was more whether, if we had extended the ban to acting, we would have had a much greater problem with definitions distinguishing between extras and actors—there are some difficult distinctions there. That is not why we did not apply the ban on up-front fees to actors; as I am sure the hon. Gentleman is aware, the findings of the consultation were that there was less abuse in that sector, so it would have been disproportionate to have a ban on the fees. However, the distinction from the past between modelling and acting in all its different guises is not one with which the employment agency standards inspectorate has found a problem.”

There are two issues here: The first is that this government department claims that it is difficult to differentiate between extras & actors, but that it is easy to differentiate between models & extras. Is this true? if it is then what do they base this on? The second is that there is less abuse in acting and extra sectors. This (so called) fact - now claimed by this government department, has never been made public before, as far as I am aware, not even in the government published consultation report...


BIS EAS 2009 Consultation Published Results - 12 Nov09

So, what proof have they to substantiate this (bogus) claim? All the adverts I have seen, many refer to “Do you want to be a model or extra?” The same agent represents both models & extras. Will these types of agencies be able to continue - to charge up-front fees?


Runway Models = 1st Class = West 1

Many of the agents who have represented me, have provided me - with both photographic work and extra/walk-on work. Clearly the ban on model agencies charging a fee for entry into a directory, is doomed to utter failure. Is this government department now telling me - that they were unaware - that agencies offer both modelling and acting/extra work, at the same time? Is this yet another indication of the need for a BIS Select Committee board of enquiry on what the EAS is doing/not doing. This is quickly turning into utter farce. I thought that Ministers were there to scrutinise issues, was I wrong in this assumption?


No EAS Regulations - that are ever put into place, actually mean anything. There are no fines/penalties imposed if agencies ignore them. The EAS have no powers to ensure refunds. You have to seek your own remedies.

We were deceived by Labour, will the Conservatives be any better? Well I certainly know that BIS Minister Mark Prisk is up to speed on this issue - since 2007. 

I hope he can make the difference!




Wake up call - for the media...
Actors & Models...
have no rights!

journalists are not willing to tell you the real truth...

Most adverts you see, by so called 'agencies', offering immediate work, for actors, models and extras - are nothing but a scam!

They just want to charge up-front fees...

All they want is your money!

When will the media tell you the real truth???

Governments since 1995 - think that you should be allowed to be open to every scam out there - if you want to be a performer in the entertainments industry...

It is not illegal to offer work - that does not actually exist in order to charge up-front fees...

According to statements by BIS Employment Agency Standards:-

  "There is no regulation in the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 that makes it an offence for an employment agency to offer a work-seeker work that does not exist.  If such behaviour was taking place it is possible that the such offers were not being made by an "employment agency", as regulated by EAS, and that the service was bogus and the person was purporting to operate as an employment agency."       1/08/2011


"It is not within EAS' legal remit to deal with the issue of scams for photographic portfolios."      9/09/2011

EAS does not investigate allegations of obtaining money by false pretences.”     7/02/2011

So that is why the EAS ignore these scams?

There are more up-front fee scams involving photography, than any other type of scam. And...What does the government actually mean, by claiming - that if an employment agency offers work - that does not exist - they may not be an agency???

Then why allow them to trade...

So it is perfectly legal to claim work exists - when it does not?

Government have no interest in photography scams? - So why the bogus 30 day EAS cooling off period...
Not a single prosecution since 1995...

What Planet are the Media on???

Had the 'media' blown the whistle before on this EAS government department, thousands could have been protected!


Employment Agency Standards (EAS) Annual Report 2009/10

"We do not publish the detail of our investigations, or reveal information captured during an inspection, unless it leads to a public prosecution or prohibition."

No up-front fee prosecutions means no wrongdoing...?



Yet another Minister tricks news media!

In November 2003 this EAS government department stated in their press release:

"Agencies placing actors, models and extras no longer being allowed to charge upfront fees before they find them work;

"They'll also mean that unscrupulous entertainment and model agencies can't charge young hopefuls a fee where they have no work to offer.

"In the future, everyone who uses the services provided by agencies and employment businesses can have greater confidence in them – both those companies that use them to supply staff as well as the agency workers themselves."



False Promises Press Release 27Nov03


All these completely bogus government statements...

Yet the news media still remain silent?


 “How could we not have known what was going on?”



BBC Watchdog 5May08

This is what the BBC said:

"Hundreds of you have come a cropper with companies who make you think fame and fortune is just around the corner"

Let me correct the BBC, it is not hundreds - it is thousands!

The BBC should be telling the truth...


Conservatives Biggest Mistake!

Was removing Agency Licensing in 1995

There is a scam for everybody. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are, where you live. The conman have custom built a scheme to get your cash. The question is, how do you recognise it and how do you avoid it? Well that's where a bit of inside knowledge can be a very valuable thing..."

(Matt Allwright BBC1 'You've Been Scammed' 18 November 2011)

What have we got government departments for, such as Trading Standards, Employment Agency Standards and Office of Fair Trading? Are they merely figureheads - but do nothing!

When was the last time (any time) the BBC actually castigated government - that put in up-front fee regulations - that had absolutely no effect?


Nobody is willing to tell the REAL truth, not even the BBC. When will this change...




Previous Minister, Patrick McFadden, stated on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme on 29 January 2008:

"Enforcement is not just about prosecution, but getting people to abide by the law," he said. "But where there is persistent offences, we will prosecute."

What utter rubbish...!

Scam agencies do NOT abide by the law; why should they; there are NO penalties in place to stop them...


No Punishment - No Incentive ‘The Stage’ 4Mar08

Mark Prisk Shadow Minister, on 31 May 07, interviewed 6 members of the public who came from all over the country, regarding being victims of up-front fee scams by bogus model and extras agencies. This was the closing date for (BERR) Employment Agency Standards latest consultation; but we have had so many...


On 4th June 07, an early day motion (EDM) was put to the House of Commons by Mark Prisk regarding the fact that the BERR EAS still refuse to take a single prosecution, despite the promise made by Gerry Sutcliffe to Parliament, in May last year to:


 “Stamp It Out!


 EDM 1598 Fraudulent Up Front Fees! 


That this House notes that thousands of young aspiring actors and models are being defrauded by unscrupulous agencies who charge unwarranted up-front fees; further notes that the vast majority receive no work in return; recalls the promise made by the Government in May 2006 that it would stamp out this practice; is concerned to note that not a single prosecution has since been made; and calls on the Government to now prosecute rogue agencies and to close the legal loophole which allows this fraudulent activity to continue in the entertainment industry.


128 MP's signed it!



Government dig hole they cannot climb out of!


Government bogus claims, yet again! - The Stage 26Mar11

These are the claims by this government:

“Recent changes in the law will have a significant impact on the abuse that occurs in the sector,” said the spokesperson. We have put safeguards in place that ensure that workers in the entertainment sector are adequately protected from the attention of rogue agencies whilst still having the opportunity to look for work. We do not think a licensing regime is appropriate for this sector and our priority is effective enforcement of the existing regulatory framework, not further licensing."

Yet the two government bans put in place in October 2010, do not work. The ban on charging up-front casting directory fees to models, is worthless. Agents just have to say that their models will be offered none speaking acting roles - in order to circumvent this regulation. The 30 day ban on charging portfolio/photography fees by agents is worthless too. The agent just sets up a separate photography company, to circumvent this regulation.

Nothing has changed, so how can the government claim that there is adequate protection? Under the 'Freedom Of Information Act' (FOI) I have now asked the government to substantiate these claims, by 28 April 2011.

Here we are in December, but a wall of silence, despite agreeing to provide answers!

it will be interesting if they ever do try to substantiate their bogus claims...


Three ASA Adjudications 30 November 2011


Magpie Models - ASA Adjudication 30Nov11

All three of the below agencies websites set up by exact same person...


New Wave Model Management - ASA Adjudication 30Nov11

Echo Model Management - ASA Adjudication 30Nov11

7 Models – ASA Adjudication 9Nov11

This is their latest name...


New Look Models

From 1st March 2011, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), took complaints about website claims. For the very first time we have the opportunity to ensure that acting/modelling agency websites, tell the truth.

Until now agency websites could make any claim they wanted, to entice applicants to pay up-front fees/portfolio fees. Employment Agency Standards although responsible for the conduct of employment agencies has always refused to police agency websites. I think we are finally starting to turn the corner - towards better standards.

UK Models = Diesel Models + Blue Rooms + Fusion = £1,500 Tricksters on the Internet!


UK Models = Diesel Models = Scam!


Alba Model Information = ££££'s! 

Beware of claims to give independent Model Information...

Nothing is what it appears to be...


All about - Alba Model Information


Watchdogs do NOT charge fees!

of those claiming to be an "Industry Watchdog", yet want to charge you a fee...

They will profit/offer/get you to pay for:

Model Workshops - Competitions - Photographs - DVD's

Claiming by paying this money - it will help you in your career?

'Watchdog' expose 'Growing Talent'!

There are many who promise to help you in the entertainments industry - for a price, who do not deliver...

Growing Talent charged up to £1,235 - with the promise of helping your career...

These people prey on those with aspirations of being a model or performer...

You can easily be talked into attending a workshop or talent contest at a hotel, such events are unlikely to help you get any work, so beware of those trying to help you, providing you pay them £££'s

The more convincing they sound, the more you have to be on your guard!


BBC Watchdog 17Sep09

The Guardian 10Jan09 - A future in Showbiz?

AMTC Europe loses AMTC Affiliation

AMTC shut out



Carl Mould exposed by Tony Roe BBC 5Dec08


"The report of my death is an exaggeration"

(Mark Twain 1897)

'Those who live by the sword die by the sword'

"This means that violent people will be treated violently themselves."

Erik Irving's mob can dish it out...
 But, can they take it also?

Blackmail Fails!

Now Violence Fails!

More Violence Fails!

They face prison? 31Dec

Agency bogus claims 27Nov03

13 years of wasted government resources!

New meaning for 'a resting' actor?



Talent Search UK - ASA Adjudication 8Jun11

Talent Search = Runway Models = 1st Class = West 1

Erik Irving
enjoys the good life in Greece, while his mob continue to try and threaten me. The harder they try, the tougher I fight back...

It will all end in tears and someone is going to find himself behind bars!


'Talent Search' = Runway a mile..!


Erik Irving/Chandler's mob including Siobhan Dwyer (calling herself Clair Pink) were in Plymouth - at the Invicta Hotel LPL1 2PU on Sat 16 April & Sun 17 April for a Free Phototest Shot & Photograph (£399) posing as an - 'employment agency'...

Talent Search UK Ltd. Company No 07551416. Was registered at Companies House only on 3 March 2011. The (puppetdirector shown is a Darren Stephen Somerville (originally from Dungannon) trading from: TV Studio 105, 483 Green Lane,London N13 4BS. On 4 March 2011 I had two concrete blocks thrown through my house windows. On 5 March they were in Leeds...

Pout Photography is run by Erik Irving he has put in his on/off partner/girlfriend Rebecca Moore to actually front it and she set up the website: Erik Irving has put in his assistant, Siobhan Dwyer to front the hotel events by Talent Search UK. An awful lot of coincidences. Of course Erik Irving will deny he is behind the scam. But, he was behind all the others, yet was never a director of most of those companies...

The only company that Talent Search UK put you in touch with, is Talent Management who also runs Models Direct. According to the Advertising Standards Authority only one agency is used...

Runway Models
 had charged £475 to put you in touch with - - same people, who promise you a job, but cannot give you the date or send you any details of the job. The 'agency' was registered in the Virgin Islands and demanded an up-front fee of

Easy money for these tricksters!


Agency Help Line - Where they are next!

ASA reports trickster to Office of Fair Trading 11Nov08


BBC Expose 'Runway Models' = Erik Chandlers Mob = In Bristol!

BBC Expose 'Runway Models' = Erik Chandlers Mob = In Bolton!

BBC Expose 'Runway Models' = Erik Chandlers Mob = In Ipswich!

BBC Expose 'Runway Models' = Erik Chandlers Mob = In Plymouth!

ITV Expose 'Runway Models' = Erik Chandlers Mob = Milton Keynes!




Go Management/Models Ltd the tricksters who charged young hopefuls £1,725 are now called Cast Look Ltd!

Go Models = Scam!
False Promises by Go Models! - Mirror 16Jul09

GMTV Web Warning - Modelling scams!

Government ban up-front fees? 12Nov09

actually claims that only 10,000 people pay these 'up-front' fees - pull the other one!

70% of up-front fee scams involve photography/portfolios, yet this ban will not include these up-front fees. Shame!

New EAS Regulations due to come into force in October 2010...


BIS EAS report to ban all up-front fees - 12Nov09

Victory! Government bans up-front fees - Mirror 12Nov09

BBC Radio 1 Video Page - Crackdown on agency fees 12Nov09

BBC Radio 1 Video Page - Storm agency boss top tips 12Nov09

BBC Radio 1 'Models Direct' 12Nov09

BBC Radio London 'Warning' 12Nov09

BBC Radio 5 Live 'Warning' 12Nov09

Government will ban up-front fees? - 'The Stage' 12Nov09

Rogue agents face tougher penalties – ‘The Stage’ 11Nov09

Talent agencies face ban on upfront fees – The Guardian 11Nov09

 Government now claims that Employment Agency Standards service is getting better, but there are still no prosecutions or fines being imposed for wrong doing. Shame!


EAS getting better? - Hampton Review Nov09

Can you blame Debbie McGee making a buck?



"One person with an intriguing insight into the workings of the agency is the broadcaster Vanessa Feltz, who appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap with McGee and Daniels in 2007.

She says: "Debbie represented herself as some sort of business mogul, but during the entire week we devoted just 20 minutes to her agency.

"I saw no staff and it looked like a miserable website with a few extremely ordinary people on it."

She adds: "I wasn't aware of a single phone call coming in to the agency while I was there.

"I can't say whether it was a scam or not, but it wasn't a hive of activity."



Children easy money for Debbie McGee - Daily Mail 2Mar08


Companies House 'Debbie McGee'- Proposal to strike off!


Debbie McGee Agency = Disappearing Trick!





Fake Escort Agency Scam!

Operation Troy Suffolk Trading Standards

14,000 victims nets fraudster £6million...


Operation Troy!

Fake escort agency website victims sought by police investigators...

Victims can also complete 
an online questionnaire at:

The scam involved numerous fake agencies which lured victims with promises of up to £600-a-day fees to be non-sexual escorts.


BBC News Suffolk 8March2011

Bogus 'Escort' agencies do not provide work, neither do bogus 'Acting' or 'Modelling' agencies. It is exactly the same scam!

If the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) covered such 'agencies', we could stop these scams immediately.

It must be illegal - to charge 'workers' up-front fees. If it was illegal, then we would not need to find - even more victims of such scams, in order to get a successful prosecution...



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